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By: Mike Singh
This is a well-written and logical explanation of an otherwise messy situation. I have long maintained that the PNCR is a ‘toothless poodle’ and could not even win a domino match in its present format. It is a crying shame that everything that the late President Hoyte worked hard towards implementing between 1988-1992 is all now asunder. Our poor homeland is a failed state and it is in essence run by thugs, brigands, vagabonds and drug lords of the most despicable order. I have greater faith in the future of Kabul than that of Guyana.
The East Indians to a large degree are the cause of Guyana ’s current societal misery whether we choose to accept this notion or not but from my own observations – they are all patently racist and this is taught from their days in the wombs of their mothers. They will rather drown like rats aboard a sinking ship than accept enlightened and capable leadership from a non-Indian. They have no moral compass wherein their leaders are concerned and this has been proven time and again – be it Guyana or even Trinidad & Tobago where is considered an anathema to even think of condemning the corrupt behavior of Basdeo Panday and his cronies. The same holds true for Guyana as no one dares to question the ‘quasi deity’ status accorded to the late communist bogeyman Dr. Cheddi Jagan, his wench – Janet Jagan, the boy president Bharat Jagdeo and their attendant underlings as Sam Hinds, Donald Ramotar etc. Now Corbin is doing the same thing so what measures will ever be taken to get him to take his ‘Georgie bundle’ and make the proverbial ‘Exodus’.
Currently, many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters are literally awaiting a repeat of the ‘Great Flood of 2005’. Both African and East Indian communities are affected and yet they – the East Indians will never think of condemning or taking their so called ‘leaders’ to tasks for their demonstrable, unparalleled incompetence. After all it is ‘a PPP or more so an Ahwe Guvment’ where they prefer that the East Indian hoodlums remain in control and they are holier than thou for all intensive purposes. Now tell me if this is not a case of learned helplessness or not. My late Dad lost his farm in 1998 due to the effects of El Nino. When he approached the Government of Guyana for a waiver of import tariffs on equipment from Israel such as those used in ‘drip irrigation, ’they pointedly told him ‘no way Jose’. When he queried why – they made it plain that both himself and his son supported ‘the blackman – Desmond Hoyte’ so we do not qualify.
My father literally died from grief, as his entire life’s work was laid bare in ruins. He was well respected for his pioneering work in the field of horticulture, cultivation of exotic fruits and vegetables. However, despite his proven track record – what mattered most is that he was not a blind follower of an otherwise bankrupt ideology.
I have been branded a ‘traitor’ by the wider East Indian community therein and even been threatened with beatings by the rank and file of the PPP. My cross to bear is that I supported Desmond Hoyte whom everyone knows I dearly loved and respected as ‘ a father’. We were rarely at disagreement but I have long maintained that allowing such political prostitutes as Jimmy Carter into Guyana and agreeing to the ‘so called free and fair elections of 1992’ were a step in the wrong direction.
In fact, if he wanted he could postponed those elections for 1995 or even 1996 by ruling with executive decree. He needed at least another three to four years for the rest of the ERP to take full root and the attendant benefits to reach the common man.
The late President Hoyte should have followed the advise of people such as Wesley Kirton whom it appeared a far greater grasp of the prevailing realities in the corridors of power in Washington DC in 1992 versus the late Ambassador Cedric Grant. History will prove that those once perceived closest to the late H.D. Hoyte gave him patently bad counsel in respect to the ill fated 1992 elections.
The late General Pinochet of Chile once told me that ‘democracy was a breeding ground for communism’. Look at how right he was in the context of Guyana. Today, gun running, drug trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, blood diamonds and harbouring of terror cells are the new economic indicators of Guyana and lest not we forget – the booming trade in cocaine infused hot pepper sauces, condiments, seafood, pholourie, baked chicken, coconuts etc.

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