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             MANIFESTO OF THE

Black unity in communities across North America remains as remote today as it was centuries ago during the period of our ancestor’s enslavement. For the Black Diaspora our rich heritage and culture resonating from coast to coast necessitate working assiduously to defend and maintain its preservation. The common concerns that we share our fundamental interest in Black empowerment and the acute problems confronting us dictate that Blacks in this country and where ever communities exist understand the need to unite. In this way we can eradicate the vicious circle of economic paralysis and subservience. Despite years of political liberation many Blacks have remained stripped of their dignity, alienated from socio-political and economic power and oppressed by a collusion of intransigent forces, determined to keep Blacks perpetually subjugated. Why are we prepared to accept this ludicrous, preposterous and despicable phenomenon to escalate? Well, it is time to acknowledge the call for immediate and substantive action to correct the prevailing pathetic situation. Are we ready to face this crucial challenge?

Like our brothers and sisters of South Africa, Black people in all quarters must be aware of their common enemy. It is necessary that we elect courageous leaders who are credible and have the capacity and ability to lead us to freedom and prosperity. It is also imperative that we free ourselves from those powers that relegate us to mental slavery, economic obsequiousness and often isolated from the political decision making process. Have we not discerned that no groups of people without political power and economic dominance are but fit for the profundity of despair, drudgery, destitution and destruction? If our Diaspora had been more conscious of Black Unity, we would have avoided centuries of victimization and prevented the problems of abject poverty, city blight and deprivation which still confront Black people in such virulent form. Why is slavery not used as a rallying point for Blacks? Are we ashamed of the past or afraid to remind whites of their atrocities? Why the Jews are ever mindful to relive their holocaust and Blacks do not? We must demand change now 

 Action is required, leadership by example and precepts is very important. More astute and competent people must replace those who have arrogated positions of authority and influence. Our leaders should emerge through a democratic process and not be selected or appointed by external forces whose objectives are inimical to Blacks. The Black Diaspora across this land has been for too long engaged in negative slogans, unproductive rhetoric and unwarranted diatribe. What have Black people gained from such impetuous indulgence? These deterrents have affected our advancement and reduced us to drawers of water and hewers of wood. When will we desist from the constant practice of personality assassination and unnecessary duplication of efforts? Who are the winners when we compete to promote dances every weekend? And Why there is an absence of similar rivalry when it comes to educational and cultural programs? We must harness all human and other resources and direct our energies to more beneficial activities that would solidify and enhance our collectivity. Should we not be concerned about the image of Blacks in this society? The persistent derogatory remarks                                                                                             



leveled at us and the ridicule that we have to endure on a daily basis are perhaps in many ways derivatives of our appalling social and Economic conditions. We must demand respect but it will only be gained when we begin to respect each other. The Black Family Unit or structure must be protected and its importance reaffirmed. As a people we must return to our basic values, customs and traditions and not be misguided by unscrupulous racist bourgeoisie. These are the same charlatans that had introduced chattel slavery and in recent years institutionalized corporate welfare decadence. In the process they have made materialism a core enticement by which Black people have been and continue to be robbed and pillaged of their assets. We must resist all forms of unbiased commercialism that foster a climate of pervasive poverty and serves only to enrich the elite of our society.

Collectively Blacks have demonstrated in various parts of the world a tenacity to overcome insurmountable odds and challenges. The same is certainly applicable to us in this community and every where else. We must seize power before it is too late. Indubitably, we have lost focus by not coalescing to fight the last vestiges of imperialism, the entrenched remnants of colonialism, indeed the bastards of manipulation and deceit. We must strategize to eliminate the power-elite and prevent them from marginalizing us. They must be recognized as the perpetrators of our economic degradation and architects of Black Disunity. We must no longer permit their abhorrent policy of Divide and Rule/Conquer, which leaves in its wake chaos and mayhem. Our detractors must be identified, those who are responsible for enslaving, dividing and oppressing us to maintain political and economic superiority. We must demand an end to the inordinate accumulation of wealth by the privileged class, the unfair distribution of the world’s food supply and a speedy resolution to the inequity of geo-political aggrandizement. How long will we allow Caucasian oligarchies to exploit, dominate and treat us with contempt and disdain?

Killing our fellow brothers will not alleviate poverty and dismay. The violence perpetrated against fellow Blacks is wrong and absolutely unconscionable. Why has it become fashionable to kill each other? How can any reasonable brother justify such detestable behavior? What rationale can be used to perpetuate this barbarism? Instead, we must direct our energies and seek to democratize those systems and institutions that Divide us. The Black Diaspora without distinction of nationality, cultural orientation or language spoken or societal status, disillusioned over their plight must become organized under dynamic leadership. Together we must design an appropriate agenda that would enable us to reach the proverbial Promised Land. Until and unless Blacks are effectively mobilized and resolute in their determination to wage a concerted struggle against financial monopoly, our sociological opprobrium will never be terminated. We must continue the fight against human and economic exploitation, racial discrimination, police brutality and prejudice of all forms and at every level. We can only enjoy genuine prosperity when Blacks become more United, Disciplined and Productive. The Black Diaspora must UNITE to abate individual and collective problems. Our mission must now be to relentlessly advocate self-reliance and self-sufficiency for- Black Empowerment &   Supremacy!                                                             

The views expressed above are those of the author/s and do not in any way reflect those of the publisher or members of the Boston # 1 PNC group.
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