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President Burnham

During its twenty-eight years in power the PNC transformed the country's political orientation, by removing all vestiges of colonial domination and foreign influence. The economic policies, which the Party pursued, reflected the Socialist ethos, which were embraced by the PNC leadership. In April 1970, the PNC enunciated at its 13th Annual Congress the basic and fundamental principle of Ownership and Control of Guyana's resources for and by Guyanese. Subsequently, there followed the nationalization of all major industries within a six-year period.

Guyana hosted the conference of Foreign Ministers of the non-aligned Movement in 1972, also during that year the country played host to Carifesta, a regional exhibition of arts and crafts. The Party and government contributed financially to the African Freedom Fighters and supported them in their struggle against colonialism and the despicable system of apartheid.

Over the years PNC leaders have played prominent roles at the United Nations and were instrumental in bringing about changes at many international forums like UNCTAD, the Committee of 77, and the Commonwealth. Following the demise of the West Indian Federation, Guyana has played a vanguard role for Caribbean integration and economic union.


The PNC has provided regular seminars and teach-ins, aimed at educating and raising the consciousness of its members and the general public. The Cuffy Ideological Institute has been used for training members of the Young Socialist Movement (YSM), youth arm of the PNC.

These cadres receive a six-week period of orientation, grounded in ideology at the practical and theoretical levels. Hundreds upon graduation are absorbed in the party structure-groups, districts, regions and other Party agencies. Some staff members have received training in foreign countries while others that have achieved a high level of competence; experience and consciousness are involved in lecturing and teaching.


The PNC fully subscribes to the principle of equality; women have made considerable gains in political life over the years. In the past they accounted for 24% of the Party's members who serve on Municipal Councils, 30% in the national Assembly.

Much of the progress made by Guyanese women can be related to the unremitting efforts of the Women's Revolutionary Socialist Movement (WRSM). This Movement has played an influential role in fostering a better appreciation of the legitimate claim of women for recognition and pre-eminent status in the society. The valuable work and efforts for promoting the welfare and interest of women have enhanced the image of the Movement.


The PNC party has relied upon the Young Socialist Movement (YSM) to undertake the critical responsibility for working among the young people. In this regards the YSM is treated as an integral Organ of the Party.


Members of the PNC have assisted fellow citizens in building schools and bridges, community centres and hospitals, river and sea defenses, among other works. The Party has rendered a significant role in mobilizing people in various communities for tasks, whether small or large projects.


From the inception of the Peoples National Congress (PNC), it has played and continues to play an essential part in the life of the entire nation. It has promoted orderly, democratic and in many ways balanced development in Guyana. The Party derived its prestige and influence from the nature and quality of the work rendered in the society ever since its formation. In every region of the country there is a Party group, whose members are fully committed to uphold the basic ideals and principles, which the Party fervently espouses.

All major policy positions, programs and activities of the PNC are determined and passed by delegates at specific Party Congresses. Generally, a bi-annual congress allows delegates from across the country to meet and debate outstanding issues and determines the party's future plans. It also serves as a means of allowing adherents to avail themselves with pertinent party information, and permit them an opportunity to participate in decision making processes.

Through these interactions, many rank and file members share their ideas and suggestions with members of the Executive Committee, General Council and the Party Leader. It affords members special opportunities to discuss problems, both national and local, which concern them and fellow citizens.

Mr. Robert Corbin, MP

Mr. Robert H.O. Corbin, MP., is Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition of Guyana as well as Leader of the People's National Congress Reform, and has given distinguished public service for the past thirty-nine years.
He is a graduate of the University of Guyana and attended the Hugh Wooding Law School, from where he obtained his Bachelor of Laws Degree (LL.B), and the Legal Education Certificate, (L.E.C), of the Caribbean Council of Legal Education.
First elected Member of Parliament in August 1973, and went on to hold numerous Ministerial portfolios. Mr. Robert Corbin has been an elected member of the Central Executive Committee of the People's National Congress and also served as its Senior Vice Chairman and General Secretary.  
Following the sudden death of Mr. Hugh Desmond Hoyte, he was elected Leader of the People's National Congress Reform at a Special Congress held on February 1, 2003. Mr. Corbin became Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition on May 2, 2003.
His indomitable strength in the face of adversity, a resolute calm in situations of crises, his leadership skills together with a vast knowledge of the history and development of the PNC, have prepared him to face future challenges.
Mr. Corbin has traveled widely both as a diplomatic envoy and a representative of Guyana at several important conferences and has established a network of influential friends and colleagues at both the Regional and international level.

The late Forbes Burnham

                             Former Leaders- PNC
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The late Desmond Hoyte

The late Dr. Ptolemy Reid

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