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TO:                      Concerned Guyanese

My fellow Comrades:

I was extremely pleased to have attended the PNC assembly last Sunday in New York. In many ways it was definitely reassuring to know that the party’s adherents are still prepared to be identified with a political entity facing serious problems.

It appears that our supporters are eager to play a more positive role in reversing the malaise, apathy and disarray, which the PNC [R] is experiencing as the main opposition party in Guyana. Our once egalitarian party that chartered a plausible course for our future has regretfully, degenerated to a collective group of adherents surviving in abject poverty without a clear vision and plans to regain electoral victory. How long could such a situation be allowed to continue before we witness either the total collapse or disappearance of PNC?

What is urgently needed is dynamic leadership that demonstrates the capacity to meet the challenges of rebuilding our Party. In North America there are supporters who are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve substantive change for our people. I humbly submit to you that until and or unless a more constructive approach be adopted that would augment hope and confidence a contraction of our political base is all but certain.

A re-energized PNC will require adherents abroad to play a more dynamic role in chartering a future course, which allows us to become a viable political alternative to the current PPP/Civic regime. A rejuvenated PNC must rely on, and be committed to a set of pellucid goals that would give Guyanese a clear choice. How will a revitalized PNC differentiate itself as a political entity? The answer to that depends on the courage and dedication of supporters possessing the capacity and commitment to engage in dialogue.

Concomitantly, there are capable Guyanese willing to offer their knowledge, technical skills and even finances to re-empower the fledgling PNC[R]. Unfortunately, these individuals are disillusioned that their talents and abilities are either overlooked or disregarded by the current leaders of our Party. Is the PNCR higher archery afraid of change? or Do they feel threatened by more credible and qualified members? By clinging to power our leaders run the risk of alienating the very people capable of turning the Party's fortunes around. It would be unfortunate if some leaders allow their ego, personal ambitions and self motives prevent them from relinquishing power sooner rather than later.

Our comrades abroad deserve better leadership and reassurances of meaningful reforms. Potential leaders must rise to these Herculean challenges and begin to mobilize PNC supporters everywhere (groups, districts & regions). The silent majority anticipates, and rightly so that new architects would articulate appropriate public policies and public works programs to alleviate the suffering of Guyanese from coast to coast.

Amendments to our Party's constitution must be made to empower groups abroad. Supporters in foreign lands must be relied upon to become agents of change and their participation in national development a noble goal. A profound shift in party politics in necessary if we (PNC) hope to regain power in Guyana .

By alienating our professionals and politically conscious supporters the PNC [R] runs the risk of remaining marginalized and in opposition for many years to come. It is difficult to understand why the current leaders have not encouraged the Guyanese Diaspora to play a more meaningful role in fashioning a new and successful socio-political and economic agenda for the PNC.

I urge you to recognize the importance of mobilizing those of us who would like to participate as change agents. Given such a task, I hope you do not defer this responsibility. Of course, you can appreciate that our family obligations precede politics. While this may appear to be an enormous undertaking with prudent leadership and tenacity we can succeed. In fact we cannot jeopardize our youth’s future by failing to put in place a foundation, which they can build upon for posterity to inherit. I am convinced that you could rise to the challenge of bringing PNC supporters together for this noble cause.

Thank you

Where as the aforementioned is intended as a call to order- to organize  the PNC from abroad, and Where as concerned Guyanese are prepared to contribute in fashioning a new course for PNC election victory, and Where as we encourage the current PNCR leaders to embrace not alienate Guyanese abroad in seeking solutions to our political dilemma, and Where as disunity, political in-fighting and recrimination serve only to fracture our party.

Be it here resolved that a conference be held in North America within six months to bring concerned supporters together to debate and make plans that would enhance PNC’s chances of regaining political power in Guyana. 


TO:                 Concerned Guyanese

FROM:           Coordinator


In recent years a common refrain resonating among nationals everywhere has been about the stark transformation of our dear land of Guyana. This once proud nation that became the first Cooperative Republic in the world, with prospects of the ‘Small Man becoming a Real Man’ has degenerated to its present dilemma where citizens of African descent are subjected to appalling living conditions.

            The inhumane treatment of Afro-Guyanese by the power elite East Indians (descendants of indentured laborers) is tantamount to survival under dictatorship or similar repressive systems. Unfortunately, the unsympathetic physical and mental afflictions meted-out to PNC supporters are perpetrated by East Indians, who gained their emancipation because of the sacrifices and struggles of African slaves.

Why has Indian political power become synonymous with poverty and marginalization of Afro-Guyanese citizens? Should the PNC adopt a policy of alternating ethnic leaders to increase support among East Indians? Or can the PNC remain a viable political entity if it continues to garner support from only districts in Demerara? Finally, are Black politicians knowingly, collaborating with government officials for personal aggrandizement and sanctioning the suffering of their constituents?

Prior to the 1992 general elections that gave rise to the current regime there has never been a government that displayed such overt contempt for its citizenry.  The lack of public accountability and inept governance have jettisoned chances of political stability and rendered economic expansion virtually unfeasible. Racial intolerance, which was suppressed for decades has re-emerged under this regime and plagues Guyana from coast to coast.              

The harsh reality for a significant percent of the population is surviving under deteriorating conditions as a consequence of government incompetence. For the most part this regime has been pre-occupied with efforts to obliterate the PNC and in large measures it has succeeded. Our party leaders have unknowingly aided in this plot by removing all vestiges of Burnham and his PNC legacy. What was achieved with the party’s name change (PNCR)? Maybe the regime’s strategy of muzzling dissent will permit self serving PNCR leaders to collude with adversaries to further weaken organized opposition to the government.  

Since its status as an opposition party the PNCR has been maligned and relegated to a point of irrelevancy as a political entity. Almost 15 years after our election defeat, PNCR supporters have become discombobulated and are experiencing the dilemma of being in opposition, a scenario never anticipated under former president L.F.S Burnham. During that same period many staunch supporters have witnessed a series of miscalculations, political gimmicks and mediocre PNCR leadership. Their disappointment has been augmented by internal rift, petty-politics and attempts by some individuals to solidify their leadership positions at any cost. This pattern of ostracizing members to secure control serves only to further destroy rather than rebuild the PNC.

Many supporters are publicly expressing their displeasure and disillusionment with the party leadership. As concerned supporters, it is imperative that we coalesce, try to decipher a new direction and rally around a credible leader who would be Guyana’s next president.

It is not facetious to suggest that unless the PNC becomes a plausible alternative or a more viable political option the expectations of substantive change for Afro-Guyanese generally and PNC supporters in particular will remain dire at best.

            All concerned supporters must make their voices heard and begin to agitate and advocate for transmutation within the PNCR if we envisage regaining power. If you are desirous of making a contribution to this plausible cause join forces with other friends and PNC well-wishers and together let us work to transform the PNCR.Guyanese deserve nothing less but a genuine political alternative to the current band of masqueraders.


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