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The Jones's Family

Tony & Brothers

My Beloved Family


It is not often that as family members we take the time to express our Love for each other and extend best wishes for the Family. While time and space make this reality applicable and more pertinent to me, perhaps if and when we are confronted with similar circumstances the manifestation of such realizations may be best comprehended.

Indeed, it is my fervent hope that we-everyone of us do remember to treasure the gift of having loving Parents, Brothers and Sisters that we can all Love and discern the same in return without hesitancy or indecision.

I expect that as we recognize the importance of Family, we would seize the opportunity to express our daily sentiments to each other by words and deeds. Action-it is said speaks louder than words. We must try our utmost to speak to each other either in person or by using any or all-available electronic devices. We should communicate with more regularity and reach out to assist and support each other at all times.

My wish is that every member of our Family can acknowledge in a positive way those little things that are done by and for each other. Indeed, we should never fail to demonstrate profound gratitude and appreciation for the many things that we receive: which too often we so readily take for granted.

As I am about to begin a new phase or rather under-take the challenges that one encounters when a relationship is consummated, it behooves me to be reminded of the many times I failed to give recognition for the things you did for me. In my situation Time and Space have enabled me to reflect with some trepidation on the many occasions when I failed to comprehend how important if not necessary my Family means to me.

Before I am accused or guilty of not adhering to the aforementioned, let me without any further delay convey sincere Love and Affection to my Parents, Brothers, Sisters and all extended family members of the Jones’s clan.

Thank you all for the things that you have done for me, your kind thoughts, deeds and the various ways you have assisted as I attempted to accomplish my elusive dreams and goals. In seeking to make amends for past misgivings, we must all be committed to redouble our efforts and resist repeating the same old mistakes. Again, if we solicit forgiveness we must be prepared to assert the same is reciprocated.

It appears perhaps for the most part much easier to make negative comments and give supercilious views and opinions without being conscious of the effects that our disparaging remarks have on each other. Too often we tend to immerse ourselves in acerbic and derogative conjectures rather than expressing words of encouragement and giving unwavering support.

At this juncture may be it is not too late to indulge ourselves in self-examination and remove the remnants of insularity and selfishness. Again, it may be appropriate to be reminded of the proverbial saying that Blood is thicker than water.

Remember we must be brave enough to do the right thing, even when the right thing is not brave enough to do. In reflection it seems we nonchalantly and with nauseating simplicity enunciate that I Like/Love you, but in actuality it takes courage and is therefore more difficult to say I Love when you truly mean what you say.


All My Love


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